Audio Cassette and 8-Track Tapes to Digital Audio


Audio cassette and 8-track tapes often contain musical demos, biographical interviews, or "day in the life" type events.  Enjoy these recordings all over again in digital form.

Our Process

We use a Tascam 122 MKII professional deck to play back your audio cassette tapes.  The adjustments offered by this deck allow us to refine playback for each tape, which results in consistent, high quality transfers.  For 8-track tapes, we use a Pioneer H-R100.


Professionally-serviced Tascam 122 MK II or Pioneer H-R100 (8-track)
Disable all noise reduction filters/EQ
Balanced cabling to ADC for Tascam 122 MK II
Flat amplification to digital audio
Software equalization


Speed (wow & flutter) correction
Spectral denoising
Channel balance / mix to mono
Process to custom bit depth / sample rate / format

Common Services and Rates

Flat Transfer to 24-bit / 192kHz File: $12 per hour of content

We digitize the audio with basic equalization to account for the noise reduction scheme used during recording to a single 24-bit / 192kHz FLAC file per side of tape.

Basic Restoration: $10 per hour of content

We enable automated, conservative denoising methods, then process and export the results to the bit depth / sample rate / format of your choice.

Custom Restoration: $30 / hour of labor

We selectively and manually repair and enhance the recorded audio.

Tape Repair: $5 / splice

When the worst happens and a snapped or damaged tape needs repaired, we can fix it.

CD Mastering: $10 per CD

We master your audio for CD and write one audio CD.  We will nondestructively label the CD.  Duplicates from the same master are $5 each.

CD Labeling: $5 per CD

Have our Canon Pixma Pro 9000 printer directly apply track information and artwork to your CDs.  Need jewel inserts, tray inlays, custom artwork?  Contact us for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "flat transfer" mean?

Instead of using the circuitry inside the deck, we employ software-based processing of the recorded audio.  This eliminates a noise source and the possibility of an incorrect EQ curve being applied to the audio in the analog domain.  We are free to choose an EQ method after recording the audio in software.  The quality and scope of the tools available for this task have changed significantly over the years, and if they continue to improve, then you can always go back to this file and apply an entirely different processing chain without needing to digitize the audio from the tape again.

How do you deliver the audio?

Generally, a customer will supply us with a hard drive and we write the files out to that device.  We can accommodate virtually any file system.

Estimates / Placing an Order

The ordering process begins with contacting us via our contact form with details about your project.  Useful information includes:

  • Number of tapes
  • Level of restoration desired
  • Desired final audio bit rate / sample rate / format

If necessary we will follow up with you to ensure the estimate is accurate.  You may drop off your tapes at our Squaresuit Conversions shop in Kettering for processing.

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