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So, how did we get here? Well, this all started through wanting to scan and restore our personal old photo collections. Many of the services offered by large on-line scanning houses were simply good enough from a quality perspective. So, we bought our own high-quality photo scanning equipment and built a calibrated photo editing capability that met our quality standards. After all of that trouble we started to wonder if others may be having the same concerns about their personal photo collections. Couple that with the fact that we have been self-critical amateur photographers with pro-level equipment for years and it was an easy step to want to bring that same level of high quality photography and photo restoration services to others. After enough encouragement from friends and family we finally set off to create Squaresuit Photography and Photo Restoration, and we are loving every minute of it!

We are based in Dayton, Ohio, and we offer custom photography, photo restoration, retouching, and scanning services. Currently, Squaresuit is a side gig for us. In our day jobs we are research engineers and we get to work with state of the art camera systems and the cool pictures and videos they produce. Our imaging science backgrounds give us a rather unique perspective behind the camera and in the editing room. We find photography to be fun and refreshing, and we like to take on challenging projects. All that said, we are capable of performing a wide range of photography services, ranging from outdoor family portraits to on-site commercial shoots to professional head shots in our home studio or on location. If you have a custom photography need that is not showcased in our portfolio please inquire. We are always looking to expand our portfolio and are often willing to take on new projects at a "new-experience" discount.

A bit more technically (we are engineers, after all): We shoot with professional Nikon DSLR cameras and use professional-grade Kodak photo scanning equipment. We do all of our editing in Lightroom and Photoshop on a high color-gamut, fully-calibrated workflow. All of our prints are created by professional-level photo labs that meet our high quality standards. We are organized as a Limited Liability Company and are fully licensed and insured photographers.

     Brad Ratliff  
Owner, Photographer, and Restoration Specialist
I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and have lived in the Dayton area all of my life, aside from a seven year stint in the Southwest for graduate school. I spent most Saturday mornings during my childhood in drawing and painting classes at the Dayton Art Institute. I thought I was headed for a career in the visual arts before I discovered a love in engineering; however, I have always found useful ways to express my creative side throughout my engineering career as well as through other personal design projects. Photography has always been a passion of mine, particularly capturing people in candid moments as well as landscape and nature photography. I have recently found a love in portrait photography and enjoy shooting at outdoor locations or within my home studio. I have an engaging and extroverted personality and my photo sessions are fun, light-hearted, and comfortable.

I went to the University of Dayton for my bachelors and masters degrees and to the University of New Mexico for my PhD, all in Electrical and Computer Engineering (my specialization is in the field of image processing). I enjoy playing tennis, trying new craft beers, international travel, fishing with my son, and have a passion for Irish pubs--and spent a couple years building a fairly authentic one in my basement where I entertain often.

Jason Kaufman
Owner, Photographer, and Media Conversion Specialist
I was born in and grew up near Cleveland, Ohio and have had an interest in photography since being handed a Polaroid instant camera at the age of 7.  As I worked my way through college, my film cameras became digital ones; I moved from point and shoot models to DSLRs.  I learned through being exposed to different imaging systems during graduate school that the science behind photography is just as important as the art.  Squaresuit Photography is a way of sharing what my artistic eye sees, with that vision made clearer through my image processing expertise.

I called Ohio University in Athens, Ohio my academic home for 16 years during which I completed my B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering under various scholarships and grants.  Halfway through that venture I moved to Dayton, Ohio where I began my career as a research scientist while continuing to work on my academic research in my spare time.  Aside from photography I enjoy restoring old family photos and film slides, digitizing old records, and the outdoors.
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